By Solany silva & Paola Rendon

By joining our live stream group workout  we guarantee you’ll achieve the most amazing and satisfactory results, but that’s not all, you’ll also enjoy the best company and energy we share within our sessions.

The different training methods we use allow us to help you improve your resistance, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and perception.

We focus on teaching you the perfect technique to apply when doing each exercise to avoid injuries, which also helps improve your position.

We have three group sessions that are divided into:


The circuits and exercises you’ll be doing in these classes are specially designed for fat loss, body toning, and development or improvement of strength endurance and hypertrophy.

We focus on the techniques we use for all the exercises we teach to build up your training level with:

  • Hiit

  • Kickboxing exercises

  • Military training

  • Partnered exercises

  • Funtional training

  • Pilates and many more...



Are you tired of training your buttocks and you only feel your legs? With our culitoday classes you will have the opportunity to learn how to train them and you will see the results very quickly. Using different methods, we teach you the perfect techniques and the best exercises to grow your gluteus (squats, lunges, sumo squats, deadlift etc.) We also teach you about mind-muscle connection to get faster results and achieve your personal fitness goals.



We specifically developed this class for people who want to oxidize body fat and strengthen their core. We offer food advice as well since this is something very important to understand in order to achieve the oxidation of body fat

This class involves circuits where we use strength resistance and finish with an intensive core training. At this part we do different exercises for the abdominal area with short resting times to increase effectiveness and get the six pack results you desire


By Solany Silva

One-to-one virtual personalized training is a completely online experience where we conduct our sessions through video broadcasts so that we can communicate with you wherever you go without the worries of traffic or time constraints on your schedule.


Each session lasts 60 minutes and is customized based on your specific goals and skills.
During the session the trainer will teach you:

  • The proper technique of each exercise to avoid injury and improve your posture.

  • How to mind and muscle connection.

  • How to eat in an easy and healthy way to see faster results.

  • How to improve your resistance, strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and perception. 

Don't wait any longer to decide to make big changes in your life, we are here to help you achieve your goals in a fun and healthy way.

Allow us to be part of your story, together we are Building Beauty with love!



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Amsterdam - Netherlands

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