solany silva


let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born on October 5, 1987 in Florida -  Valle located in Colombia,

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practicing sports are my true passion. This last one has been a great part of my preparation for who I am today, and has taught me about self-discipline in all aspects of my life.

At the age of 7, my experience in the wonderful world of sports began when practicing Taekwondo, and later when I was 10 I decided to do Water Polo while living in Cali, Colombia. But then I had to stop my training because I was leaving my country to live in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Everything was going great so far until at the age of 14, I got a severe back pain for which I was then diagnosed with scoliosis. I can’t lie, it was a very hard moment for me but I wasn’t going to let this stop me from following my dreams and from my passion for sports.

In Gran Canaria I started practicing a variety of other sports. I spent some evenings in the Skate Park where I found love for aggressive skating, and because Latin blood runs hard through my veins, I then got interested in hip hop and decided to take some classes.

Dancing and music have always been my other passions. I joined the cheerleaders team of Gran Canaria’s basketball club and then, two years after dancing in Las Palmas pavilion, I decided to stop and began playing soccer. I joined a women’s soccer team where I found myself in a new comfort zone, until once again another trip changed everything for me.

Learning to speak English was something I really wanted to do, so I chose London as the place to go for this. But 8 months after I had to leave and finally settled in the city of Amsterdam, Holland.

When I arrived to this new city I began working as a waitress in bars and restaurants, having to leave my passion for sports aside for a while, because I had to make some money first to pay my monthly bills, until my spine collapsed and put me in bed for 2 weeks. It was a long, hard recovery but with determination and strength I made it through, and once I was fully recovered I resumed my beloved sports, starting with swimming and fitness. While training in the gym with my friends, I usually motivated them and helped them with new routines, this is when I discovered how much I loved doing this for others which led me to take personal training very seriously.

In 2014, I created my first personalized training course and online sports nutrition course. I began working as a personal trainer doing home training and a few boot camps in some parks in Amsterdam. My passion was becoming an even more real thing, I took my work very seriously and I decided to create a brand called "Building Beauty"  with the great unconditional help of my cousin Luis M. Restrepo Silva.

In 2016 it all got even better. I met my best friend and now girlfriend, Paola Rendón, while she was on vacation in Amsterdam. Paola lived in Colombia, my native country too, so when she headed back I did not hesitate in going with her so we could continue our relationship. Together, we began studying International Personal Training with emphasis in nutrition, Yoga, Pilates, military fitness, HIIT, functional training, suspension and body martial in the Colombian School of Personal Trainers (ECEP). When we completed our studies, we went back to Amsterdam and resumed BUILDING BEAUTY together.

And this is where we are today, putting all our commitment and hearts in a project that is made out of love for all of you!



Willem Augustinstraat 202


Amsterdam - Netherlands

Tel: (31) 628130708

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